Can your prospective customers find your website via an internet search?

Your website needs to be as high up in the Google rankings as possible to be easily found by your prospective customers. Yes, you can create a website from scratch or by purchasing a template, but your site will not be found easily if you do not know how the internet sSearch engines work and your site is not correctly optimiseds. You could try to optimise your website yourself, but because getting high rankings in Google is so valuable to a business, your competitors are more than likely spending a lot of time and money paying getting expert help from SEO specialists which could result in them ranking way ahead of your business in search results.
Sumico Net creates search engine friendly websites and with basic SEO is included.
We can set up your website from scratch with basic search engine optimisation to get your new site off to a good start in the search rankings.


Even with basic SEO in place, it can take a period time for your site (or for a new marketing campaign) to rise up through the internet search rankings.
Sumico Net Web and Graphic Design offers additional SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services if you need your site to get the traffic to your site as quickly as possible. We can set up a Google AdWords campaigns to reach your target audience. We will set the cost based on your daily budget. We monitor and make adjustments based on the performance of the campaign. If we are the one who Sumico Net created your website, it is will be very easy for us to make adjustments because we can alter contents easily to match up with the keywords strategy used in the campaign.

Not every website is the same and not every business is the same!

At Sumico Net Web and Graphic Design, we recognise that not every website is the same – nor should they be – and that different businesses have different requirements of their websites and have different budgets to work with. We also acknowledge that each business owner is in a different place, whether you are a new start up or a long established business, and that your business currently might be very small or perhaps it is growing into something much bigger than you anticipated.
Likewise, SEO requirements for each business are different and this is where Sumico Net are happy to advise small business owners as to the best ways to increase your ROI in search engine optimisation and marketing and to prioritise the things you need to achieve. We will take into account your budget and will offer services step by step to achieve your business requirements.

Sumico Net will be happy to provide face-to-face SEO consultations for clients in Brisbane, Logan and Gold Coast areas where necessary.

Sumico Net Web and Graphic Design is a one stop shop that can create or transform your website to be search engine friendly and to be visually attractive to your customers and display your products and services in their best possible light.

Please contact us today to find out how to make your websites more visible to potential customers.

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