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furrykidsathomenewwebsqFurryKids at Home is a pet care services in Murarrie, Brisbane. They provide pet sitting, dog walking, dog day care, dog grooming services. FurryKids also has a boutique pet store.

Sumico Net launched a new responsive website in April.

FurryKids at Home is one of our loyal clients.  Sumico Net created their first website in 2006.  The first website served 9 years without major layout changes and it was very successful website with high engagement rates. However, the previous website was not optimised for mobile devices.

Google annnounced that they would change their algorithm in April this year about search results with mobile devices.  It is essential for business to make their website mobile friendly. Therefore, we said good bye to the old website and launched a new website for FurryKids@Home. 

Whenever you relaunch your website, there are some points that you need to be aware of. 

With FurryKids at Home website, we made sure that old pages are redirected to the new pages. Sumico Net pays attention to those details.


Design Concepts 

Their theming colours and logo colours are red and brown, so those colours are used throughout the website to maintain their branding. 

They wanted to keep some elements of the old website, so we kept illustrations of various pets. Those pets illustrations were designed by Sumico Net and they are original and supplied for FurryKids at Home exclusively. 

FurryKids at Home's slogan is "Red Carpet Treatments for All Your Pets". To match with their Slogan, Sumico Photography (part of Sumico Net services) took a photo of Queensland Red Heeler (symbolised as Queensland business) with a bowtie which is available at their boutique store on the red carpet. That red heeler was in the old website as well, so kept the theme going from the old website.  A red carpet photo is a stock image which we purchased is merged with the red heeler photo.  We also merged a photo of a mascot dog at FurryKids at Home in other slide. 

FurryKids at Home wanted to use the photos which they own and not use any stock images of the pets.


Web Features


Basic SEO

In addition to above, Sumico Net is looking after their Google AdWords campaign in the Grooming services at additional cost.


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