Sumico Net can provide services to register your domain name and provide hosting of your website when you order the a new website development through us.

Domain Name Registry

Registering a Domain Name should be treated as a part of your marketing strategy and search engine optimisation. As a part of our services, We Sumico Net will be happy to provide a consultation regarding which domain name would be effective for your business and it is a part of our services.

A domain name is something that ideally you want to get right from the very start. Although your domain name registration may be cancelled or not renewed at the end of the period of registration, e.g. one or two years, and you can register a different domain name, there are other implications associated with changing your domain name (and your website address). These include losing established search engine rankings and losing incoming links to your site from other sites. You may also need to print new business cards and stationery and other marketing material with your new website address. But, of course, Sumico Net can help you with all of that!

Note also that your domain name is highly visible to your clients as it makes up the core part of your website address, e.g. "".  For example, Delma Driving School has the domain name "" and their website address is "".

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